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MILC can provide you with...

Prenatal anatomy and history assessment as well as counseling on early and frequent breastfeeding


Establishing breastfeeding and breastmilk feeding goals


Assistance in positioning and latch


Establishing and/or optimizing milk production


Techniques to prevent, identify, and manage breastfeeding complications


Guidance on how to optimally feed the preterm infant and infant with special needs


Counseling with regard to separation from infant and return to work or school


Assistance in breastmilk expression and storage 


Counseling with regard to weaning


Other lactation services, including induced lactation/relactation, adoptive families, etc. 



Most of all, MILC can provide you with empowerment.  

MILC's individualized assessment and counseling provide you with

the tools to establish and achieve breastfeeding or breastmilk feeding goals.

I need a...

Contact MILC at for fee schedule


Consultations are available throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale, and are available in the greater valley for an additional fee


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